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  • Vapour Blasting

    Vapour blasting, also known as wet blasting, is rapidly becoming the number one choice for applications requiring the highest quality of surface finish.

    The vapour blasting process is suitable for Aluminum, Bronze, Magnesium, Titanium, Brass, Copper etc. It gently cleans the surface without damage to gasket faces etc. It produces a satin finish which will handle without picking up finger marks and gently peens the surface which can help reduce porosity in castings. This process uses water and an abrasive medium accelerated from a nozzle with compressed air to provide a very effective environmentally friendly closed loop surface cleaning.

    The glass bead used in the system is mixed with water to a slurry and blasted at the component. The water buffers and lubricates the particles on impact allowing very fine finishes to be produced without damage to the component. It will gently clean the surface without damage and leave a nice satin finish which is very easy to keep clean.

    Please be aware that any item that rusts cannot be done with this process as the item oxidises instantly.

    Vapour Blasting Romax